The Farmington Republican Town Committee shows it's support for the Farmington Police Department in a letter signed by the entire membership:



Chief of Police Paul J. Melanson
319 New Britain Avenue
Unionville, CT  06085

Dear Chief Melanson: 

We recognize that the past few months have not been easy for those in law enforcement.  With that in mind, the members of the Farmington Republican Town Committee feel it is important to emphasize to you our steadfast support for all of the officers and staff of the Farmington Police Department. 

We are honored to stand with you in solidarity, and are filled with sincere gratitude for your dedicated service – service that keeps our families, neighbors and community safe.  The quality of life in our town is raised through your tireless (and often thankless) work, and that does not go unnoticed.  The Department’s many initiatives, such as car seat installation, bicycle safety training and prescription medication return boxes, have significant impact.  Your charitable endeavors including the sponsorship of the NATPRO race and the Torch Run in support of Special Olympics exemplify your public spirit.  Through duties and actions large and small, high-profile and under-the-radar, the members of the Farmington Police Department make a daily difference.  

We well understand that protection such as we enjoy comes at a price, and we also stand with you as you mourn those near and far who have been killed or assaulted in the line of duty.  We are honored to stand with you, and are filled with sincere gratitude for your commitment to excellence, respect, and the highest moral and ethical conduct.  We cannot thank you enough for your commitment to our town and all of its residents.  We are proud of each and every one of our officers and thankful for your unwavering sense of duty for the benefit of our security and quality of life. 


Farmington Republican Town Committee Members

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